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Typically technologies are put in one of three categories, 1) Platform, 2) Enablers, 3) Applications.

Platform technologies are those that can be applied to many applications. For example a pressure sensor can be applied to diagnosis or therapy applications in hyper tension, heart failure, heart valve monitoring, brain fluid pressure monitoring, etc.

Technology enablers are core technologies that do not have direct application but are key to opening new, innovative solutions. Examples of these technologies are electronic miniaturization, solid state capacitors, energy harvesting, etc.

Application technologies are those that have direct application in a specific field. Examples of these technologies are spinal fusion devices, angioplasty balloons, shunt valves, etc.

Typically inventors have an application in mind when they develop their application technology. Sometimes the technology has applications in other areas that could be of much higher value and market readiness. This is where Emerging Medical Solutions can help the entrepreneur assess the full value of their technology and identify a strategy for positioning their technology with higher chance of success.

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