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The last stage of a startup in its business plan is its exit. This is when the company has done all it can and has identified that to properly exploit the opportunity a major change in execution has to happen. This exit from startup is typically done by either an entry in to public company world through an IPO, or combining forces with others through some form of Merger or Acquisition.

This is more thru with medical device startups than others. Due to high cost of clinical studies and/or product commercialization, most medical device companies identify their exit in an acquisition.

There are classes of medical products, especially those that sell directly to consumers, or hospital systems, that have less demand on capital. These companies can raise the funds needed to establish their distribution channels thru an IPO.

Emerging Medical Solutions can help companies identify their exit options and select the one that best match their strategic intent. Emerging Medical Solutions can also facilitate execution of the exit strategy selected by the company by providing access to the potential partners and IPO service providers.

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