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Typically innovation in medical device is in the area of technology or service, including diagnosis of medical issues, and therapies. Innovators focused on science and technology do not have the appropriate experience and background to properly convert the innovation to a successful business. This is where Emerging Medical Solutions can help in better defining the business opportunity for the inventors. This phase of business development will be the lead in to the subsequent business partnering activities.

A business case is the first phase on evolution of a technological innovation in to a commercial business. Once the business case has been identified and value of technology has been established, a full fledge business plan will be developed. This business plan will be the means of communication between the technology leaders and to be business partners and investors.

The effort to define the business plan includes:
1) Technology definition
2) Product identification
3) Market analysis
4) Sales and Marketing
5) Finance including expenses and revenue projects
6) Exit

A complete business plan will help outside interested parties to understand the nature of the business and the potential value it is set up to generate for its investors.

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