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Medical Device industry is one of the most profitable industries in the US. This industry has attracted attention of investors of all walks. One group that has been active and is very much interested in presence in this industry is the corporate investment groups. Large corporations that have investment arms looking to create good returns on the company funds have been active in seeking deals in the medical device industry. This activity and interest has intensified in the last 10 years.

One challenge that corporate investors run into is the understanding of the medical device companies and technologies and assessing their market potential. Unlike other markets, investment in medical device and in general life sciences does not follow the norms in valuation and market assessment. Life sciences in US work around the reimbursement. Understanding what drives this market and what warrants reimbursement is the key to market leadership. For example, patient management is a service that patients and physicians are and have been interested in. This industry offers technical solutions that allow patients to be managed remotely at the comfort of their home by the right physician or physician assistance. Though valuable from perspective of all users, this industry has struggled to generate revenue in the last 20 years. This is because the business model of these companies does not match the criteria used by reimbursement system to establish value for their services.

It is critical for investors to understand the profile of successful companies and elements that have to be present in any medical device venture to generate revenue.

Emerging Medical Solutions can offer services to corporate investors in identifying investment opportunities in line with risk tolerance profile of the corporation. We can also assist in proper valuation of deals and right engagement strategy. Due to our years of experience with corporate development groups, we can also assist in negotiation and subsequent follow up.

Additionally Emerging Medical Solutions can work with corporate investment groups to define processes that would lead to consistent success in identification, assessment and engagement in medical device ventures. We can work on your behalf, as your advisor, internal educator/coach, or negotiator/closer.



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