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The key to medical device leadership is in the uniqueness of the technology and how it is different from its competitors. This differentiation is always protected by patents and other forms of intellectual property protection.

Medical device companies not only need to better understand the landscape of IP in the field they are trying to enter, they have to learn to navigate through that minefield in order to establish a foothold of their own. Typical IP in a startup company is limited to the technology they own. This is a good starting point but sometimes not enough. Experienced attorneys and medical device companies know how to work around patents and/or limit their effectiveness. This is done through Blocking IP Strategies.

On the other hand, the value of the medical device company is first in the IP portfolio that it owns and how well that portfolio protects the field of practice and application of the technology. This is a challenging task that requires expertise in IP portfolio development and patent filing.

Emerging Medical Solutions has available the expertise to help entrepreneurs in planning their portfolio and effectively protecting their business.

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